This webpage is dedicated to one place called Spiti, and basically to its people, who have consistently conjured to make me feel at ease and welcomed every time I went there. I travelled quite extensively in Asia in the last 26 years, and spent many years roaming around that wonder that is India. But for me Spiti is the most precious jewel in the crown, the place where I would like to be at all times, despite it being rough and remote. A place of wonders and magic, capable of stirring the deepest feelings and offering memorable experiences, at all levels. My aim is to present Spiti to a wider public, and to offer my services as a qualified tour leader, to take you to discover its more intimate and secret aspects and to see and experience what is not for grab for everyone. And soon I will be publishing, in paper and digital versions, the first ever guidebook fully dedicated to Spiti, the result of many visits and extensive research,updated to the latest news.
Please take a look around, if you have any questions or comments, you are more than welcome to contact me.
Yours, Alex

Ivrea, Italy