For me travelling to Spiti and spending as much time as I can there have become a kind of addiction,to which, come the good season, I can only give in. And I am not the only one, the small bunch of foreigners and Indians who keep going back there is growing steadily.

 Speaking for myself, the reason for this unstoppable feeling is very clear: there is no place on earth where I feel and function better. And I guess it's basically the same for most of the "addicted" souls ... I knew there was something special about this place even before going there, but it took me a few trips to feel what I feel there now.

 In the beginning I always thought I would not tell anybody about Spiti, to avoid "spoiling" such a nice and fairly untouched place. But then I realized one cannot stop people from going somewhere and everybody has a right to discover a place like Spiti.

 So it became apparent to me that, on the contrary, I should take people there, to show them the place at its best, to let them go through doors not open to everybody, to share exhilarating experiences, and ultimately to make them happy...

 And I realised that I should start doing this soon, before the place and its people take the same (wrong) direction that was taken by other areas with a similar landscape and culture, as it happened to Ladakh for example.

As a qualified tour guide I can conduct groups or individuals in a professional way.

If you want to benefit from my experience to fully enjoy a trip to and in Spiti you can do it without worries. The technical and organizational support is guaranteed by the agency Anfiteatro Viaggi of Ivrea, Italy (

In addition to providing the standard package tour, designed to ensure optimal fruition of the places visited within the usual length of an organised trip, although different from other similar products, it also offers the possibility of creating fully customized trips. So you can choose the times, routes, accommodation, transport and activities yourself.

If you prefer to organize your trip yourself, but you feel the need for an experienced person at your side during both the preparation and  the journey itself, I am willing to give you all the necessary assistance.